What Is CanPay? All You Want To Know

What Is CanPay? All You Want To Know

CanPay, the largest reputable payment network for cannabis merchants and customers, declared today that it has exceeded $500,000,000 in clear transactions in states where marijuana is legal. More than 800 participating merchant locations across 31 U.S. states now accept CanPay. and is accepted by 10 of the top 13 public-company, multi-state operators (MSOs).

Customers can pay for purchases at cannabis retailers using a straightforward debit from their checking account through CanPay’s user-friendly app. The CanPay network is quick and simple to join for merchants with compliant bank accounts at financial institutions that are CanPay-approved.

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What Is CanPay?

The state-regulated cannabis market and other emerging markets have a payment option with CanPay. CanPay was founded with the single purpose of providing traditional, legal electronic payment solutions to sectors that are subject to strict regulations. We’ve spent years learning about the unique challenges that face consumers and retailers in these industries and used that experience to design CanPay as the stable payment solution they can rely on. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, the CanPay team of payments experts is creating a private network of customers, merchants, financial institutions, and specialized technology providers who make payments at regulated businesses just like they do everywhere else.


CanPay recently released an improved app that enables the majority of users to quickly and securely sign up with instant activation as part of its commitment to adding value for both its merchants and customers. The highest advertised spending limit in the cannabis industry is $3,000, which is created by the app’s exclusive Purchase Power tool, which also allows for the creation of custom spending caps. See more about What Is An NSF Check?

What Is CanPay? All You Want To Know
What Is CanPay? All You Want To Know

Frequently Asked Questions For Consumers

Does My Financial Institution Provide This Debit Account?

No, CanPay is the company that issued this debit account.

Is There A Daily Limit On My Purchases With CanPay?

When you log in to the CanPay App, your spending limit will be displayed for you on the App Home page.

Do CanPay Gift Cards Work?

CanPay is a debit payment app that works just like other debit and credit cards in your wallet, not a credit card. Your bank account will be debited in the exact amount of the transaction for any purchases you make using CanPay.

CanPay Has A “stored-value”?’

No, you do not have to “store” or “load” funds into your CanPay account before making your purchase decision. Your regular checking account receives a true debit from CanPay in the exact amount of your purchase.

Is There A Convenience Fee Involved?

You will not incur any costs when using CanPay to make purchases.

Is CanPay Free?

Yes, both signing up for and using CanPay are free.

My Checking Account Had An Overdraft Charge. Do You Know Why?

Purchases made with CanPay that exceed the balance in your checking account may result in overdrafts and associated fees, regardless of whether you have opted to allow overdrafts with respect to debit cards issued by your financial institution.

CanPay Debit Apps Are Accepted Everywhere, Right?

Only authorized retailers are permitted to accept CanPay. Although we are constantly growing the list of merchants where you can use CanPay, don’t hesitate to persuade your preferred merchant to join.

Just Use My Credit Card, Why Not?

The card brands and banks that issue your credit cards do not allow their cards to be used to make cannabis purchases, regardless if it is legal in your state or not. CanPay is the first debit payment app accepted by cannabis retailers.

My CanPay Account Was Turned Off, How Do I Reactivate It?

If your account is inactive or suspended, please contact CanPay’s Live Chat support in the app and request additional information.

What Is My Quick Access Pin For CanPay?

Your CanPay Quick Access PIN is the 4-digit PIN you created when you joined CanPay.


Introduced in the new app is CanPay’s Direct Link banking tool, which is a significant improvement for users. Customers can easily and automatically link their bank accounts to the CanPay app via direct linking. Customers still have the choice to manually link their bank account by typing in their information if that is what they would prefer. This innovative approach enables CanPay to onboard and instantly activate consumers regardless of how they choose to link their bank account, allowing CanPay to reach the most consumers.

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